Do you need a translator, transcreator or proofreader?

Ildstad Text Agency continues to establish new and fruitful relationships within the translation, transcreation and proofreading segment. Exacta översättningar, based in Stockholm, Sweden, Language Power International, based in Oslo, Norway, Franklyfluent, based in London, England, and Easy Translate, based in many countries, are some of the companies we keep cooperating with and enjoy working with.

Do you need a translator/transcreator/proofreader? If so, Ildstad Text Agency can offer you good prices and quick deliveries. We work with these…

  • SPECIALIZED AREAS: IT, marketing, technology, industry, media, legal documents, web pages, press statements, questionnaires
  • LANGUAGES: English to Norwegian (bokmål and nynorsk), Swedish to Norwegian, Norwegian (bokmål) to Norwegian (nynorsk)

Please contact as soon as you have an (urgent) need of a provider of the services mentioned above. We would love to make new friendships!











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